Managed Cyber Defense Operations

SOC as a Service

A SOC Security Operations Center is an assembly of hardware, software and specialists, which allow to monitor 24/7 the technological environment of organizations, and alert to any indication of a cyber attack. ATTI's SOC as a Service is the most advanced mechanism for establishing immediate containment measures, and is always accompanied by Incident Containment and Forensic Analysis services.

Infrastructure Management

Some of the activities that require the most time from companies and organizations is to keep the cybersecurity infrastructure ready. The installation, tuning, updates, issuance of reports and change of configurations must be delegated to companies that are dedicated to managing this infrastructure permanently and professionally.

Managed RBS

EDRs are the evolution of antiviruses. Your organization should migrate as soon as possible to EDR technologies, which allow you to analyze the behavior of devices in the environment, and interpret whether real-time observations respond to a potential cyber incident. ATTI Cyber works with leading EDR manufacturers globally, such as Crowdstrike, Sentinel One, Malwarebytes, Carbon Black, among others, to take control and administration of these tools. Through an SLA agreement, ATTI Cyber can also monitor these tools 24/7 and make early warnings for suspicious behavior.

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Managed SIEM

The tasks of creating rules, rule-tunning and recommending processes and procedures for your SIEM can be carried out by the experts of ATTI Cyber, freeing up valuable time of your technical teams, but above all allowing the configurations to be up to date with the main regional and global threats.

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Identity Management

The creation, management and administration of the identities of the users of their environments is one of the most complex and delicate tasks of organizational security. ATTI Cyber is responsible for keeping digital users up to date through interaction with systems and internal collaborators.


Zero Trust ID Management

Zero Trust is a philosophy of identity and access management that shields your organization against malicious violations, from the creation and evaluation of profiles for each user according to multiple conditions of access to critical systems. Zero Trust prevents unwanted access and Cobre todo mitigates any attempted breach by avoiding lateral movements often used by malicious attackers.

Outsourcing and Design

ATTI Cyber, through its multiple specialists, can support your organization in various areas where cybersecurity has become a fundamental element. Companies are not forced to hire large teams of specialists, but rely on all ATTI Cyber profiles for most of the critical tasks of cyber defense.

Cybersecurity Support (CISO as a Service)

Through a service based on professional hours, ATTI Cyber makes available to organizations the entire portfolio of cyber defense specialists . Based on a joint work plan,the tasks to be carried out are defined, within which you can find network security services, cloud security, offensive security, training of collaborators, vulnerability analysis, among others. It is a flexible service with a positive impact on the scale of cyber defense maturation.

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Support in Design and Architecture

It is not easy to select a cybersecurity design when there are so many options and vendors, most of them very enthusiastic to promote their own products. ATTI Cyber places the customer's requirements first, and the solutions, licenses and products last. In this way, we ensure that your cyber defense design is the most robust, adequate, and the best from a cost-benefit perspective.

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Technical Support

Whether your company needs support in configurations, network segmentations or development of technical cybersecurity projects, ATTI Cyber can put at your disposal our specialists in the very diverse technical areas to support you to conclude your project in the best way and at the lowest cost.

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Specialized Advice

Special projects such as migration to the cloud, vulnerability analysis in specific environments, or any requirement in the world of cybersecurity, can be supported with experts from ATTI Cyber or its global network of alliances.

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